I love statistics. And Emacs. I enjoy research in decision theory, statistical evidence, Bayesian statistics and philosophy, experimental design (including randomization and causality), statistical models, graphics, and computational statistics.

I’m slightly active on Stack Exchange (Cross validated), HN, and some R/Emacs/ESS mailing lists. I have a bit of code available on Github.

This blog is some sort of spiritual successor to a research blog I kept in grad school. The old blog is a hodge-podge of org files that I might someday convert to R-markdown so I can host them here.

Since working professionally, blogging seems more important now as a way to clarify my thoughts on real-world statistical practices.

You can contact me (I love statistics questions!) at mail [at] firstnamelastname_dot_org.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but I don’t express the views of my employers.

I try to use Creative Commons licensed images on this website, but admit that sometime I get sloppy and forget to check. I can change any image on this website if it infringes on your copyright.