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John Haman


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The code is here:

My wife will tell you that I’m a bit of an EconTalk fan. I’m pretty big on bothering her with some weird economic facts or conjectures that I learn from the show.

I usually listen to the show on Spotify on my way home from work. But lately, I find Spotify(’s UI) to be pretty outrageous:

I’d much rather have all the episodes on my hard disk so that I can use whatever music app best suits me on my devices.

It’s also hard to listen to the episodes on my computer: the website makes it hard to listen to the old episodes.

My solution is to write a small utility program to download all the episodes.

This is great for me because I get to practice programming (in Common Lisp!) and I get to put all the EconTalk episodes in one folder so that I can spin up iTunes (or whatever) and just hit shuffle.

Why can’t I do this on Spotify or iOS Podcasts??

The script itself is very simple. I just download the RSS feed for EconTalk, then find all the links to mp3s. Then I download them. This is only possible because podcast episodes are distributed using a free and open protocol, RSS or Atom feeds. In this case, the feed is just clear XML that can be parsed.

Later, I would like to turn this script into a binary, or something more portable, but I’m still learning about that. For now, I’m content with opening the script in Sly and running it, just like you would any R script.